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Apple is bad

I’ll never buy an Apple product again.

I find the patent situation in the US profoundly sick. Microsoft is making money on the back of Android with patent fees.
Apple and Microsoft team up together to buy the Nortel patents for 4.5billion, to be used against competitor Android. Apple suing HTC and Motorola over Android. Oracle suing Google over Java patents used in Android.

Really, the software patents as they are used now in the US are a cancer. They are not good in any way, and most of all they do not promote innovation — quite the opposite, they clearly are used to stifle innovation when it happens.

The real fix is to abolish the software patents in the US. I deeply hope this will happen, but I don’t quite hold my breath for it.

In the meantime, the least I can do is vote with my money, as a humble consumer. I’ll never buy an Apple product again!

PS: Of course, there is quite some time since last I used any Microsoft product. But with Apple it’s new.

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