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3430 bytes, the smallest APK ever!

What is the absolute smallest size of a “Hello World” app that can be published on the market?

It’s 3430 bytes, and the app is here for your enjoyment:

Size Compressed Name
466 314 META-INF/A.SF
446 363 META-INF/A.RSA
97 97 res/drawable/a.png
1300 489 AndroidManifest.xml
588 588 resources.arsc
820 463 classes.dex
4062 2562 total 7 files, 0 folders

PS: for an APK that can be installed through ADB but is not publishable on the market, the minimum I found is 2259 bytes — it doesn’t need to have an icon and other elements that are enforced by the market but not by the framework.

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